Convert any web application to desktop application in 2 min using npm’s nativefier

Most of the time we need a web application but if we need desktop application for the same web application then we don’t need to build separate application until we need desktop application for offline usages.Creating a desktop application is tedious, but if i tell you the way to create desktop application of some web application in 2 min. Isn’t magical ?

Here, i will be taking help of node.js/ npm and a library called nativefier to convert any web application to desktop application, underlying this library make use of electron.js


Node.js should be installed on the system, which will be used for conversion.


  1. Open command prompt/console in windows.
  2. install nativefier lib using below mentioned command
    npm install nativefier -g
  3. Execute command

  4. It will take few minutes to create a folder in the same directory, go inside that directory and find executable file and run.
  5. That’s it desktop application is created.

For more information and configuration check

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